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Seth Godin does it again

I take my proverbial hat off to Seth Godin, the respected agent of change. His latest book, Tribes, is yet another stimulating and inspiring piece of work. Very easy to read and digest. I always finish his books thinking "that's what I think too" but it is the clarity of his writing that most impresses. The book left me feeling that I have an insight that the majority don't but in keeping with the book's message I shall share it with others. Here are some comments that resonated with me. Free advice: read the book.Then read his other books.

Leadership is about creating change that you believe in

Organisations that destroy the status quo win

You can't manage your way to initiative

Ideas that spread, win

Lean in , back off, but don't do nothing

Faith is critical to innovation

Create change before change happens

The best time to change your business model is while you still have momentum

Tribes don't do what you want, they do what they want

The largest enemy of change and leadership is "not yet"

if your organisation requires success before commitment, it will never have either

Leaders create things that didn't exist before

"Why not you, why not now?"