Presentation Coaching

A face to face business presentation is a precious opportunity. Don't waste it.

An idea’s worth is often judged by how well it is presented. A great presentation can often sell in a weaker idea because you're presenting to people. And people are only human after all! You need to know and understand them and make sure you appeal to both their emotional and rational sides.

Whilst you are the key presentation tool (rather than any software you care to mention) your audience are the most important people in the room. The presentation must be all about your audience. Who are they and what do they want? How can you help them?

So, why are you presenting? It's the easiest way to persuade an audience to do what you want them to. Simple. Your challenge is to change their mind from what they currently think to what you want them to think. They need to understand, then believe and if you can achieve that then, and only then, will they act. That first step, understanding, is vital as a confused mind will (and should) always say 'No'. That’s what your presentation has to achieve.

Working in small groups we explore how you can:

Craft a persuasive presentation - creation of content allied to presentation structure

Control audience attention - the currency of your presentation

Connect with your audience - people buy (from) people that they like and want to work with

Employing video recording, one-to-one coaching and group sessions we'll make sure you become the presenter you want to be.