Pitch Consultancy

Not all presentations are created equal. You know that some are just much more important than others.

Bids, new business pitches, conferences come with high stakes. The Idea Hunter works alongside individuals and teams to make sure that key presentations are going to meet your objectives. Working with you to establish those objectives, identify which content is to be included (and just as importantly, what is omitted) and decide how to structure your presentation for best results.

Then we need to commit to effective rehearsal. Not a pale shadow of rehearsal but the real thing. As individuals and as a team if required. Rehearsal makes the difference. It ensures that you are sufficiently in control to be able to dedicate the right amount of  mental bandwith to the task of being 'present' in the room. Making sure you can listen, connect and engage effectively with your audience. Making sure you're prepared and at your best for any 'Q&A' element there might be.

Put in the mental effort to find the correct messaging, prepare properly and rehearse with purpose.

I'll make sure you do, so that you can win hearts and minds! Oh, and business.