Creative Thinking Training

Never struggle for fresh ideas.

Everything starts with an idea. The quality of your ideas separates you from your competition because normally the best ideas win the budgets.

You need better ideas, more often.

Ideas - Just two existing elements combined to create something new. We normally think by recognising and repeating patterns. To create something new you have to establish a new pattern. Disrupting our existing patterned thinking requires a stimulus. A spark that will start your thinking from a different place. Idea generation techniques do just that - they provide the necessary stimulus to shift your thinking.

But in order to respond to a brief or problem solve creatively you also need a few other phases. Explore the brief or problem first. Analyse it. Re-define it. Change your perspectives. Identify your assumptions. How can you think without posing questions? Ask better questions. The more you understand your challenge the wider the set of possibilities you can bring to bear in crafting the solution.

And after you've come up with some ideas you need to improve them. You need to select from amongst them. This is the move from divergent thinking to convergent thinking. There are techniques to help you at all stages of the above processes and The Idea Hunter will coach you in their use and help develop an appreciation of when and how to employ them.